De Nang


Who likes seafood here?

Do you? Let me know if you do, because I am DYING to know why.

Choi. Does not like to eat sea food.

Le Mother told him that when he was still a fetus, she would always throw up when she smells sea food, let alone eat it.

So yes, fetus choi already did not like sea food.

Unfortunately, he had to man the fuck up because De Nang is super famous for sea food.


That’s how I ended up in a sea food restaurant called “Hai San Be Man“. Almost sounds like “Son, Be a man”. ha ha.

De Nang


This place was cool. Very local. We even had to go pick out our own seafood (which was quite stressful for life boss.

But still, I didn’t enjoy the food that much. Just can’t get into seafood.

Okay we get it. You don’t like sea food. Move on.

Nah, I am not going to move on. In fact, I am going to tell you 5 reasons why Choi does not like seafood.


Hate Seafood Fact # 1 – The Ocean Stench

I hate the this stench you get from sea food. Every time I smell it or eat it I want to throw up.

It smells so god damn foul. I don’t know how you sea food lovers do it.

I hate the stench.

I hate hate stench.



Like these oysters that we ordered. Like fuck, I feel like I was eating the ocean’s sand or something. If I wanted to taste the ocean I would have just went out and swam at the beach.


Confession: Choi loves raw oysters though. 


Hate Seafood Fact # 2 – shit gets messy especially with shells.

Ever try to peel a crab shell? Prawn shells?



Yeah, your hands are gonna get dirty.

I am more of a fork and spoon fan.

No asshole friend, this does not make me a fine dining kind of person.

yeah, I like to eat cleanly.

  • Despite my hate of getting my hands dirty. These prawns were legit and HUGE. As big as life boss’ face! Pretty fresh too, though again tasted like ocean. Untitled

Hate Seafood Fact # 3 – You don’t get full

I don’t know about you.

But that night we had prawns, clam, seafood soup, and oysters and I was still hungry as fuck.

De Nang


This shit just doesn’t fill you up and I HATE the feeling of not being full after a meal.

Like am I just eating air?

Not impressed.

Hate Seafood Fact # 4 – Expensive as fuck


Seafood is more expensive than meat dishes.


If its cheaper then you should get the fuck out of that restaurant ASAP because you are going to get sick and your ass is going to burn the next day.


Hate Seafood # 5 – Not sure if seafood is healthier than meat.

Doctors saying too much meat is bad for your health and shit.


Well hell!

Not really sure if eating pure seafood is good for you either. That cholesterol of yours is going through the roof if you keeping eating this shit non stop.

So there you have it.

Choi’s 5 reasons why he does not like seafood.

If you don’t like seafood too, then let me know why! Helps me strengthen my argument.

If you want to blast me because you are a sea food lover, I welcome your comments too.

PLEASE. PLEASE try to persuade me to love Sea food.





Written from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific lounge on June 25, 2018


  1. Of course I like seafood, but I don’t blame anyone for not liking it. Even I don’t like all seafood. Some cultures really like the strong tasting “fishy” smelling dishes. Here in New England I grew up liking more of the milder, white fish like haddock, which does not taste or smell “fishy” if fresh.I have expanded my tastes but some stuff is just to strong tasting. I definitely agree with you on the cost, seafood can be crazy expensive…especially when you try to run a seafood blog! Great post as always Choi, you are funny as hell.

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