If I ask you what is the definition of “fine dining” is what would you say?

Well on the top of Choi’s head, he can think of the following:

  • It will be an expensive meal
  • Small ass portions
  • Great service
  • Good to great quality food
  • Great atmosphere
  • You need to dress up

Think most of us would have same definition right? If not let me know in the comments below!

I had a heated debate with my asshole friend regarding the definition of fine dining at the Decameron restaurant in HavanaI couldn’t find their website so I just linked to another blog lol.


The conversation went something like this:

Choi: What is considered fine dining?

Asshole Friend: Any restaurant that requires a fork and knife

Choi: ……

It was a short conversation because Choi could not take nor comprehend the level of stupidity the asshole friend was giving him.

Like how can you say any restaurant that has a knife and fork is considered fine dining?

McDonald’s Hong Kong has spoons and forks as part of the breakfast menu, are they considered fine dining?

Is KFC considered fine dining?

Do you use forks and spoons at home? Is your home considered fine dining?

What an asshole friend.

To make matters worse, asshole friend gave me a smirk right after his asshole remark:



Serious asshole.

Anyways, let’s not talk about him anymore.

Let’s talk about Decameron, a pretty casual restaurant that is…

hold on wait…






The interior of the restaurant was pretty cool.

Cool as in there is a bunch of antique clocks hanging on the wall.

I guess that makes sense since this is a “fine dine” restaurant.

We had a brief discussion on how antique clocks captures spirits. aka they are haunted. Think we spooked the girls out. Yes we had a lot of stupid conversations in that one sitting. This is what happens when I fine ding with asshole friends.

So what do you order in a fine dine restaurant?

There’s only one answer to this question.

You have to order pizza.


  • I got the signature pizza, which I shouldn’t have. When it arrived it looked as if the pizza was confused with it’s identity. There’s simply too much shit going on here. Every slice was a different flavor. Basically a mash up of all the other pizzas they have on hand. It tasted good (for a fine dine restaurant), but I would have been better off with just pepperoni pizza…UntitledUntitled
  • We also ordered fries because that’s what people eat in fine dining restaurants. This was damn delicious. We demolished this within seconds, that and because asshole friend loves potatoes. Untitled
  • Somebody got steak. Because it’s fine dining. So makes sense. Not sure who ordered it, so let’s just skip this one. Untitled

This restaurant would have ranked high on Choi’s list.

But because I had to fine dine with my asshole friend, he ruined the entire meal. Thanks asshole friend.

That being said, we did come back for dinner so you can say we were quite satisfied with the food. Or maybe there isn’t any good food in Havana to begin with hah!

How do you define fine dining?

Life boss and her Pina Colada

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 5, 2018


  1. Fine dining is about the experience from start to finish. When I book a table at a fine dining restaurant, I expect a call back to confirm/remind me of my reservation a few days before. At the restaurant, I expect them to take my jacket and put it away. I don’t expect to hear kids crying or see kids running around. I expect the server to know my name and if there’s a special occasion, they should be aware of that too…obviously information I would’ve given them with my reservation. When a bottle of wine, it’s poured for me and the wine is moved to another table where it’s not in my way. Refills are expected before my glass is empty. I expect the highest quality of ingredients in my dishes. I expect my food to be unique, whether it be cooking method or combinations of ingredients. I don’t expect big portions, but enough to feel satisfied. At the end of the meal, I want my jacket back. Haha

      1. No it’s not. I’m sure there are fine dining restaurants from cuisines that done my don’t use fork and spoon such as Chinese, Indian and others. Our definition (or Eric’s definition) is valid though since there are no fine dining of other cuisines in North America. There’s fancy dining with Chinese and Indian but I wouldn’t say true fine dining.

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