De Nang


Life Boss loves her Banh Mi.

Choi on the other hand, is okay about it.

He doesn’t exactly crave it though.

I mean, isn’t Banh Mi really just a subway sandwich?

Despite my stupid opinion, Life Boss one day decided that we will have Bahn Mi for lunch in De Nang.

Not gonna argue with her this time around. Why? Well you should know by now:

I don’t want to get my ass kicked. 


But the fact I was hungry as fuck did not give me much ammunition to argue with her.

Before I go any further, for those that don’t know what Bahn Mi is here’s a quick 411 on it:

  • Banh mi is Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette. This was influenced when Vietnam was colonized by the French – guess this is one of the few good things about being colonized
  • The baguette is filled with savory ingredients – Totally true. Flavorful as fuck. 
  • The sandwich typically consists of meats and vegetables such as pork sausage and coriander – yum. 
  • Typically eaten as breakfast or snack – Interesting. I don’t mind it for dinner though.

Okay. Now that we are all on the same page, let’s go back to the story.

Life Boss and I were both hungry.  So off we went to this popular Bahn Mi food stand called Banh My Ba Lan.


This place is pretty popular.

Per the online reviews anyways. But you know online reviews. It usually is shit, not accurate and I get disappointed. However, because of the good reviews I DID expect the food stand to be in a cool, neat area with a lot of locals.

How wrong I was.

This food stand was literally in the middle of nowhere:

De Nang


Pretty sure there’s some health / safety hazards with this shit.

But whatever. I had street dogs in Toronto, I can have street Banh Mi in Vietnam (not a good comparison really).

A bit skeptical already, we walked to the food stand and ordered.

A lady which appears to be the owner, started making our food.

This lady is a damn bad ass.

She had heels and jewelry on while making our Bahn Mi sandwich:

De Nang

Damn boss.

Now this is a chef I can trust in haha.

I was also impressed with the way she handled our food.

Aka no need to wash her hands nor the utensils to cut our food.

Fabulous. The local experience. 

De Nang

De Nang

De Nang

If you were wondering if I had to shit like crazy after.

The answer is no.

We survived.

Though it might be because our sandwiches was in an oven for about 2 minutes before she served it to us.


Does help a bit with the germs I supposed.

But what really got me laughing hard, was when she took a piece of paper from a book / agenda / calendar and wrapped my sandwich with it, looked me in the eyes, and said “take out?”.

I see.

In Vietnam apparently you don’t get plastic bags. Your food just gets wrapped with a random piece of paper.

Fabulous. Local experience.


So Choi, you wrote for about 511 words and you haven’t even said if this sandwich was good.



Long story short.

This was really good.

Life boss has good taste.

Get a banh mi you.


Written from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific lounge on June 25, 2018


  1. Hey Choi, your life boss has got taste that’s for sure. That looks like a killer banh mi…👍
    Where would you recommend for eating out and must go local places in Toronto? Planning a holiday for late July, would this be stinky hot?

    1. Hey! Toronto will be hot in July but wont be stinky hot. It will be super uh mazing.

      What kind of cuisine are u lookin for in Toronto?

      1. Anything that’s authentic “Canadian”?? I don’t even know any Canadian dishes. Maybe maple syrup hot cakes, is that even a dish? We are also going Vancouver (Rockies) and Montreal, so any suggestions will be much appreciated. Hope it will be amaaaazing!

      2. Sorry for the late reply. You have to try poutine (Fries + gravy + cheese curds), Tim Horton Donuts (a Canadian Fav). Street dogs in downtown Toronto (LOL). in Vancouver, if you go to Granville island Sandbar is super good! In Montreal, you have to try L’Avenue! Hope that helps!

  2. Totally agree with this, I can say the best banh mis are really found on carts in the streets of Vietnam. Now, I’m starting to miss it! -insert hungry face- 😂

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