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Tripadvisor, timeout, and sassyhongkong all have listed Coyotes as a top 10 Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong.

Top 10 Mexican Restaurant?



Who reviewed this shit?

These were the questions in Choi’s mind when he was researching Coyotes.

But let’s rewind first. Choi came here to eat because he was watching a shitty B-List Celebrity Charity Basketball game nearby. The only celebrity that I recognized was Deep Ng. Is he even a celebrity? Didn’t see much fans for sure.

Not Impressed

Anyhow, Life boss and I walked pass Coyotoes and I thought to myself “Let’s eat at this strip club“.

I should have known life boss is classy and would never have chosen to eat at a strip club. I should have known better.

Online reviews

Coyotes did get some good online reviews, with comments including:

  • One of the best Margaritas in Hong Kong
  • People come here for the Fajitas
  • Their buffet lunch is awesome
  • Atmosphere is great for a stag or hens night

So Choi, this place is good then right?


No! This was not good!

Allow me to vent:

  • First up – the shitty chicken burrito. I call it shitty because this was dry as fuck, and tough as fuck. Was not a good burrito. You can argue Calimex doesn’t have good Burritos either but it definitely kicked Coyote’s ass. Sorry I am blunt like that. So fail # 1 goes to the Burrito. Sorry Coyotes. Not impressed so far.Untitled
  • The so called “Best” Margarita in town. Okay. That’s cute. Sure, it’s the “best”. The “best” if there were no other mexican restaurants around! I mean, it’s decent, but to say it’s the “best” is an overstatement in my opinion. So strike 2, not looking good Coyotes!Untitled
  • Nachos. Let me reword. AWESOME NACHOS. Our shitty meal was someone salvaged by this. We devoured this in 5 minutes. I would say they have one of the better nachos around in Hong Kong. So okay, you guys hit home run thereUntitled

Overall I was not impressed.

Not Impressed

Yes the place was lively.

Yes the nachos were good.

But when 2 / 3 of your the meal was just average then I can’t really give you the title of “Best Mexican Restaurant in Hong Kong”.

Sorry, Choi continues his journey of finding a damn good Mexican restaurant.



Definitely not a strip club
View from second floor
Nice photo of Life Boss
What we ate

Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 17, 2017

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