Chiang Mai


We were staying at the Anatara in Chiang Mai (PUT BLOG LINK HERE)

Which meant are our area is tourist as fuck!

And if there’s one thing I know about tourist areas, is that the food is absolutely shit!


Plus we already got burned once at the Night Bazaar (ADD LINK HERE), so now you know I really need to find a kick ass market.

Otherwise, my ass will be kicked by Life Boss and Le Father!

Hard kicks to the ass!


So with the help from our handy dandy bartender at the infinity pool bar, we decided to walk ALL THE way to the Chiang Mai Gate Market.

It is quite a long walk to the market, like 20 minutes. And if you are with le father that means it takes about 35 minutes to get there.

The walk itself is worth it though. You get to walk by the waters and take fabulous photos like these:



Definitely one of the best food markets in Chiang Mai!

Here you can find a lot of cheap eats.


Most dishes will cost between 30 – 50THB which is like almost 1- 2 USD.

Damn you cannot find that deal anywhere.

BUT, what are some dishes you HAVE to order? Let me tell you now by giving you a play by play commentary of what we ate, and what YOU SHOULD EAT TOO!:

  • Pad See Ew! Have to get this. They make it right in front of you so the noodles were pipping hot. This was Life Boss’ favorite dish. Not my favorite but was still heaven in my mouth. Side note – this dish was influenced by the chinese stir fried noodle dish, so maybe that’s why it tasted good for us (we are chinese). Untitled
  • Next up. PAD THAI! Choi’s favorite! Another delicious eat at this market. Again, it is done right in front of you so you know that shit is fresh. We got both the chicken and seafood pad thai, but we prefer the seafood more. UntitledUntitled
  • You also need to ORDER morning glory. A must eat in Thailand. It’s just so fresh here. Untitled

Yum right?



But Choi, in your last food photo there was a fourth dish. What is it?

Good question.

I have no idea.


Hey fuck you!

Not my fault I don’t know what it is.

The reason why I don’t know…is because Le father ordered it.

Le father tends to go crazy with his orders when he sees delicious food. So while we were devouring our pad thai / pad see ew he went out and got this weird ass pork intestine dish thingy.

I really don’t know what it is.

If you really want to know, let me know  and I will ask Le Father.

or not.

Chiang Mai Gate Market, best place for cheap and delicious food!

Written from Chiang Mai, Anatara Apartment Suites on May 12, 2018

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