We love to drive on our vacations.


We get to go wherever, and stop whenever.

You know what is even better than driving?

Driving from Arnhem to Amsterdam in the Netherlands!


Yes, Netherlands is really flat.

We find that just fine. Even though I like mountains personally, it was still cool to drive through country where you can see everything (because it was flat).

Gorgeous views you get here!




So beautiful.


Our first pit stop was at this National Park.

Which again was super flat.

Didn’t spend much time here as we had to get to Amsterdam to catch a flight.

Still managed to capture a couple of sexy pictures though.



We saw a lot of bikers at the park. Too active for me. Give me a car and I will meet you at the top.

Lazy Choi I know.

We then stopped at this restaurant called De Prins.


Life boss got the soup because that’s how she rolls. Was pretty hearty. Wished I got that too. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it. I think I lost a lot of pictures while transferring it over to the blog. Oh well. Just use your imagination.

I got a sandwich. Not my type of sandwich. The bun was too damn hard!



After lunch we walked around this small town some more.



After lunch we continued driving.

To the next town.

A town where I forgot the city name.

Choi, let’s ask life boss what the names of these places are please .

It was a nice walk through this town, though we only spent 30 minutes here.


Then it was off to Amsterdam!

For those that was wondering, you don’t need an International Drivers License in Netherlands. Your Canadian one is good enough. Don’t be stupid like me and pay extra for an useless IDL.

Also, I tried teaching Life Boss how to drive manual transmission. She succeeded somewhat. Then said fuck it not going to drive this anymore.


Story of my life.


Written from Toronto, Home on July 18, 2018

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