Ever heard of “Road to Hana”?

I sure as fuck didn’t. So when life boss told me we were going to do this “Road to Hana” drive I gave her this dumb ass look.

It didn’t end well for me.

As usual.

For those that don’t know, it’s a very beautiful drive in Maui, Hawaii.

The fuck Choi? You went to Hawaii?

Yes. Yes I did.



Life boss is showering. I am smelly and dirty. So might as well draft this post up right now, before I forget what we did today (which happens to the majority of my posts).

The day started at 4AM.

Not because we wanted to. It was because we were jet lag as fucked. So might as well start early.


Starting early as it’s perks. There was not a lot of cars so the ride in the morning was super quick and cool. The first hour or so we just spent it driving, and stopping to take pictures whenever there was a breath taking view.





Yes. This place is damn beautiful.


Life boss downloaded an Road to Hana app.

Which was a super smart idea because it told us where we needed to stop to take pictures, and where to stop for food.

Speaking of food, we made a couple of very delicious stops which I HIGHLY recommend you all to go. Summary of stuff we devoured is as follows:

    • First up – Banana bread! We went to Aunt Sandy’s to grab this warm delicious Bannana Bread. It was so damn good. We asked the person working there what the secret was. She replied “Lot’s of Banana, Lot’s of Butter, and Lot’s of LOVE”. LoL yes…UntitledUntitledUntitled
    • For lunch we had a delicious BBQ combo consisting of BBQ chicken and ribs. Hit the spot. This was at Koki Beach. UntitledUntitled

And I can’t end this post without mentioning my sexy ride.

What ride you are asking? My sexy Ford Mustang Convertible:



Yes it’s a rental.

Don’t I look so sexy driving it though?


Written from Air Bnb in Maui, Hawaii on October 14, 2018

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