Hong Kong


Never been a fan of restaurants that don’t take reservations.

So when this Thai restaurant called Samsen told me there is no such thing as reservations, I immediately though:

  • You think you are the shit?
  • You want to make me wait 30 – 45 minutes?
  • Tell me why exactly the reason why your damn restaurant won’t take my reservation.

I get super emotional around this topic.


But since Life Boss wanted to try it out, I said fine. Didn’t want to get my ass kicked anyways.


But before I go on, I want to tell all the damn restaurants out there the benefits of having a reservation system:

  • Customers find it fustrating to wait (like me) – thus, it results in loss business
  • Reservation allows for more predictability for seating –  because you know who is coming in advance
  • It encourages for repeat customers – because if I know there is a long ass wait, I ain’t coming back
  • If you are afraid of no shows, designate some tables just for walk ins – don’t put all your eggs in one basket

So there you have it, I hope all restaurants allows reservations going forward.

BUT, if you do decide not to have a reservation system, and you make Choi wait in line…

Then your food better be damn worth it.

  • We started off with an Icd Cole Margarita, because why the fuck not. We were offered this by the waitress while waiting in line. So kudos to the waitress for taking care of the waiting customers. However, I can barely taste the alcohol so fail there. Untitled
  • Fish Skin. It was alright. The fish skin tasted like stale Doritos so yeah nothing impressive.Untitled
  • The omelette. Not impressive at all. Oily as fuck. Is oil free here?Untitled
  • My favorite dish of the night. This dish was so light and refreshing, wished I had the entire thing myself but noooooooo had to share with life boss.Life boss and her stupid sharing concept. Sharing is definitely not caring.Untitled
  • The boat noodles! First bite? OMG so GOOD! Second bite? Kick ass dish! Third bite? Not bad. Fourth bite? This shit is salty as fuck. Is salt also free here?Untitled
  • The mango sticky rice as dessert. No complaints about this one, really hard to screw this one up.Untitled

Not really sure what the big deal is with this restaurant.

Not Impressed

Or why they have to act like they are the shit without a reservation system.

Maybe it’s part of their marketing strategy, have a huge ass line up outside the restaurant so that other customers will be intrigued.

Not for me. Food is average, long ass waits, expensive as well.

There are better Thai Restaurants in Hong Kong.





Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 16, 2017

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