Koh Samui


Who would have thought one of the best Italian restaurants would be in KOH SAMUI?

wow really

Choi certainly didn’t! But since he was getting sick of all the Thai food he’s been eating, he thought it would be a good idea to find an Italian restaurant (it’s probably Choi’s favorite cuisine).

Went on tripadvisor and saw this Italian restaurant called Giulietta e Romeo that was ranked really high.

How high?

Like # 1 in Chaweng street high!

Curiosity hit us hard, so we dragged our ass out of Nora Beach (PUT LINK HERE) and walked to the restaurant.


Upon arrival I knew it was going to be a kick ass night.

We were greeted very warmly by whom I can only assume is the owner. I didn’t catch his name, but he tells us this restaurant is owned by him and his wife. He is responsible for the operations and serving the guests, while his wife is in charge of the kitchen.


Damn that’s a good life. I think I need to get Life Boss into more cooking classes so we can open our own restaurant, where I just drink with guests while she is cooking us delicious food!

Don’t think Life Boss would like this idea but one can still dream right?

oh well

The host / owner gave us a very detailed run down of the menu.

Which was basically him telling us what the specials of the day was. Kind of over killed since everything was writtne nicely on this blackboard.


I really like the blackboards. I hope I can have one installed at my home one.

Random thought. 

I saw this dish called “Fagottini Di Mare” (I don’t dare to pronounce it again, I might get beat up). It was a shrimp pasta with crab sauce.

Crab sauce? The fuck? That sounds so sophisticated!

Since Choi is sophisticated he said okay, one please .

We also went through the menu, ordering a bunch of other stuff. Let the food porn began.


Up first – the Burratta.

If I haven’t said it enough on this blog, let me tell you agai.


Simply one of the best shit ever to eat in this world.


When the Burratta came though I was a bit confused. It came with bread, tomatoes, olive oil. Huh?



Then our very friendly host began to explain the proper Italian way to eat Burratta was with bread, tomatos and olive oil all together.


I have been eating this delicious dish the wrong way MY WHOLE LIFE? God I am a dumb ass.

I did what the host told me to do and yes, my mouth said this is damn delicious.


Next time I order Burratta I am going to be so snobby.

“Where is the tomatoes? Where is the bread? Come on man!”.

I don’t think I will be welcomed in a lot of Italian restaurants going forward.

One starter ain’t gonna be enough for Choi.


So he orders a second one.

Parma Ham.


Fresh as hell.

But I liked the one at Le Brata in Hong Kong more (PUT LINK HERE).

Life Boss disagrees, she thought this one was better.

Life Boss just likes to disagree with me on everything huh?

Anyways it’s fine, because I really liked the Parma Ham as well.

So far so good!

On to the mains – Life Boss’ pasta.


It looks plain right?

Yes. Because this was the cheapest pasta available on the menu.

Is she trying to save me money?

Are we broke?

Am I spending too much money?

Don’t know. This is why Life Boss is so cool sometimes, order cheap dishes so Choi can enjoy a fabulous meal.

If you want to know the name of her pasta then sorry because I don’t remember. Nor can I find it online (the menu is not loading for me). Plus Life Boss is being cranky right now beside me in De Nang (PUT LINK IN), so I don’t dare to ask her. I will get my ass kicked if I try to ask her any more questions.


Finally the best dish of the night.

My Faggotini pasta.

Crab Sauce, shrimp. So good.


This felt like wonton noodles from Hong Kong to be honest haha.

But the crab sauce OMG IT WAS GOOD. Never had something like this in my life!


You thought we would be full by now.

And you are right.

We were.

But man when the friendly host told us they had some home made tiramisu, how we can possibly say no?

Bring on the Tiramisu!


Needless to say, this was good as well.

That’s it for our awesome meal! This was such a great Italian restaurant.

You guys all need to go here!




Written from De Nang, Pullman Resort on June 5, 2018

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