I don’t know how to appreciate Laos Food.


I tried to like Laos Food. I even went to a supposedly good restaurant called Lao Kitchen in Vientiane.

But I juts can’t get into it! I don’t know why…


So despite the restaurant having really good reviews on trip advisor, I was simply not that impressed with the food there.

So what is Laos food?

That’s a good question. You would think after 1 week in Laos I would at least know how to describe it.

Well I can’t, because I suck at describing things.

Just think more like chinese food, but less flavor (or maybe it’s just MSG). They do offer more spicy food though which is shitty for Life Boss cause she can’t eat spicy food to save her life.

So instead of wasting your time trying to describe something I don’t know how to describe, I will show you some pictures:

  • Our Khong Island Sour soup. Contrary to what I said above, this was not spicy enough. Maybe that’s what the soup is supposed to be (i.e. not that spicy), but yeah it didn’t really work for me this soup. Laos
  • The infamous Tomato Jeow which Life Boss wanted to try. Um, this is just salsa sauce for tacos. Nothing special here. Moving on. Laos
  • Pork Laab aka minced pork meat. It was okay, not as good as the one at Vang Vieng. But overall, didn’t hit the spot for me.Laos
  • Mango shake which was the only good thing in the meal. And this is not really Lao cuisine. haha…sigh just can’t get into Laos food….Laos

Is Laos food for everyone?

I don’t think so. Now this is just Choi’s opinion, sure there are people that love it. But I JUST CAN’T GET INTO IT. Every time we have a Laos meal I end up coming out not satisfied.

my bad

Maybe it’s the western palette in me, or maybe because I am used to Chinese food in Hong Kong. But sorry my Laos friends, just can’t get into the cuisine.


This motherfucking place took 30 minutes to deliver our damn food. If it was busy I can sort of understand. But it was 2PM people! Why the fuck it take so long to get us the food?

People here are definitely chilled and laid back, but yo 30 minute wait that is pretty ridiculous.

Not only was I not impressed with the food, but also not impressed with the service and speed here.

Choi does not recommend.

Not Impressed



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2, 2018

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