Life Boss – why are you so active?

Guys – do you have the same problem with your significant other?

Like I am on vacation.

Why am I awake at 8AM in the morning in my very nice hotel room in beautiful Ella, to go hiking?!

Oh that’s right.

Because Life boss is aussie and she loves the outdoors.

Yet she hates the sun.




But as always, whatever life boss wants life boss gets.


Therefore, hiking at 8AM at Mini Adams peak here we come!

Sri lanka

If there is a mini’s adam peak.

There must be BIG adam’s peak right?

Luckily life boss had mercy on my life and said it’s okay, we can hike the wimpy, sissy one..

Thanks for breaking my knees.

Even though the hike was not hard, you still get treated to a very nice view on top of the mini adam’s peak!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

We also don’t always pose.

But when we do, it’s on top of the mountain doing dangerous poses!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Yes all pictures of life boss.

That is my life now. I only take photos of life boss. Probably for the best, no one wants to see my ugly ass in photos! It will just ruin these pictures! haha.

Does that also happened to you guys? Only take photos of your significant other and not yourself?

That’s what I find I do a lot now….

Still the mini adams peak was mighty beautiful! Definite recommend for those that don’t want to break their knees and still want a good view!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Written from Toronto, Home on July 15, 2018

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