Yah…why are we eating asian food in Boston…?

Simple. Because we are asian. Previously I complained about how my friend was craving chinese food when we were in Cuba. I now understand her cravings. After two days of eating pure seafood in Boston, we wanted asian food BAD. So armed with google, we searched for a good asian restaurant. Taiwan Cafe popped out as one of the top choices. Taiwanese Beef noodles? Sign me up! This is one of my loves in life! Arrived at the restaurant and like all eateries in Boston, we had to fucking line up.




I already knew what I wanted to order (Taiwanese Beef Noodles) so when we sat down I just stared at Life Boss. I don’t get this. Don’t you internally know what you want when you go to a restaurant? Like if you went to McDonald’s, you know what combo or burger you want to eat no? I don’t get why Life Boss needs to spend like 30 minutes just reading through the menu. And this is a chinese restaurant so you know there’s literally 10000 different dishes. It’s like she is studying for a test or something. After what seemed like an eternity she ordered this taiwanese pork rice dish. She also added on an order of dumplings which you can’t go wrong with.

Beef Noodles…average
Pork Rice…Average

Not Impressed

What a fucking average meal.

Seriously. Who is reviewing these restaurants? These so called “Yelpers”? Fuck you all. For starters, the dumpling skin was wayyyyy to thick though I quite enjoyed the soup inside. For the beef noodles, the beef was hard as shit. Beef was not fresh at all. Come on, if you call the dish beef noodles then the beef better be fucking good because that’s the main reason we call it beef noodles. The texture of the noodles were also quite average. The soup though was pretty good, drank a lot of it (Life Boss was not too impressed). And the pork rice? Forget about it. Shitty as fuck. Man fuck you Taiwan Cafe you were bad.


Written from Toronto, Home on April 27, 2019


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