Los Cabos



Seriously got so fat.

But what do you expect when it’s a trip to an all inclusive resort? We probably did overeat though…the last few nights we ate two dinners…I don’t know why. I think it’s because we wanted to try all the specialty restaurants out….

And on this one particular night we tried the “Japanese” and “Steakhouse” restaurants.

First up – the Japanese Restaurant.

I ordered the Ramen.

This was no ramen. There was no soup.

The server didn’t even bother giving me extra soup. I was literally eating soupless noodles + duck meat. Though I must say the duck eat was quite good. Also ordered soba noodles which I thought would be cold (I also confirmed this with the server). Nope, this was not to be. It was basically fried noodles. Needless to say a disappointing meal.

We then went over to the steakhouse because we wanted steak? At least that’s what I got originally.

It was a good cut.

However I saw my buddies order lobster and damn did it look good. So after I demolished my steak, I also ordered the lobster and killed it. It was delicious. I wished we went to the steakhouse more!

The lobster
The steak
Soba fried noodles
Ramen without the soup

Written from Toronto, Home on March 15, 2020


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