Life Diary


It’s getting hard blogging about these quarantine days.


Because nothing new happens!

We wake up, we exercise, then we go straight to work. Then it’s calls, calls, calls. The amount of counts have gone up exponentially. I don’t know why. Why do we need more calls? It’s not like we see each other everyday to begin with. I don’t know.

Though if we didn’t have calls, then it would get really depressing. This is the only human interaction we get nowadays. So I shouldn’t complain. But man, talking all day is damn tiring.

So yeah, nothing really interesting happens nowadays. Highlight of the day is probably lunch, where I can try different foods.


I end up ordering the same damn thing (burgers, Indian, pizza etc.). Oh today we had fried chicken. Yippie.

Think the COVID19 cases went up a bit today, but still down overall.

Please, let this be over soon.

Written from Toronto, Home on April 7, 2020

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