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I think spring is here! Which is depressing because we are still stuck at home. Well, the government says I can go out if it’s to exercise. So on this sunny Sunday I went out for a 5KM jog! It feels so good to be outside.

The air is fresh, the sun is out.

The only thing that is missing is being able to chill at a patio sipping coffee / beer while reading a book. Or read a video.

Probably video.

I really hope this quarantine thing doesn’t affect our summer. I was longing for a bbq, maybe a short trip to Niagara, and of course chilling at bars (summer Fridays!). There are some reports stating this will go all the way to July.

No….oh god no. God, I will trade my April if you give me my May ok? I will be nice and won’t complain anymore….

We did get some good news, the week to week comparison of positive COVID19 cases have decreased. Hopefully this continues! I need to go out and chill!

Will the EX open this year?
Empty Park
Empty Streets

Written from Toronto, Home on April 5 2020

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