Hello world!




So, I started a blog. Why? Couple of reasons:

  1. Because I am bored
  2. Need something to kill time with
  3. I have a lot of jibberish I want to talk about, and facebook / twitter doesn’t allow me to do that
  4. Document life’s activities (or the lack thereof).

I personally like to read people’s blogs.  Mainly because it helps with # 2. So I figure, might as well write one of my own.

What to talk about?

I gave it some thought on what I should talk about.  A successful blog usually concentrates on one type of area that you are either

  1. Passionate about
  2. Area of experties

Since I am an accountant, the only things that I am passionate / sort of expert on are

  1. Numbers
  2. Money


So I took it to facebook to gather some ideas.  Not surprised, my friends had various ideas. Some kick ass ideas/comments include:

  1. Talk about women and their complexities
  2. Why I don’t have a GF
  3. LOL
  4. Talk about what other people should blog about
  5. My buddie’s new lunch service that he is providing (WHICH IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN MESSAGE ME I THINK HE COOKS WELL????)
  6. I should not blog – (Andrew C.)

I really like topic # 1, but that will deserve my full attention, and will probably have a 10 set series to it.  Someday.


So, let’s start blogging. Quite recently, I went to a restaurant called Panorama 180 in downtown Toronto.  I was never a big foodie, nor do I know enough to differentiate between good and bad food.  To me, as long as it’s edible I am okay with it.

Rather, I like going to places like these because of the view.  I guess you can say I am more of atmosphere guy.

See below for a couple of pictures that I took:



I enjoy looking at city lights =p.  So yes, I am a city person.  I prefer vacationing within a city, than visiting parks.  Although I won’t mind the odd time where we lie on a beach and do nothing (see cuba).

One of my goals is to travel more this year.  Maybe that’s a topic for another day..things I want to achieve.

Random Two Cents

If you want something you should try and get it. You may succeed, or you may fail but at least you’ve tried. Enjoy the process, don’t worry about the end. Live so that when you look back 20 years from now, there will be no regrets.  Mistakes will occur, but no one is perfect.

It also gives me extra motivation when people say I can’t do something.




Finally, the last part of my blog.  I am going to try and post a music video in all my posts.  Just songs that have good meaning, or is stuck in my head.  Currently, the song that is on repeat is actually the title of this post, “Pursuit of Happiness”.  It’s by a Korean hip hop duo called Leessang.  Yes, it is in Korean, and no I am not Korean.

I came across this duo during my obsession of running man.  There, I started listening to their songs and really got into their music.

The following is their music video, with English subs attached to it.

That’s it for my first post! I will try to post on a regular basis!!

Thank you for reading!


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