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 Left handedness

Let me start off by saying, I am not left handed.  I was not born with the preference of using my left hand.  I did not break my right hand when I was young forcing me to use my left hand.


It all happened one day during University, I noticed 90% of the class were writing with their right hand.  I wondered why so many people were right handed.  Personally, I think it is for the following reasons:

1) Because most people are right handed, society tends to make things for right handed people.  Therefore, at an early age you are influenced into using your right hand more.

“Hand orientation is developed in fetuses, most commonly determined by observing which hand is predominantly held close to the mouth” –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handedness#Environmental_influences_before_and_at_birth

So apparently, it’s predetermined. Right?

2) My second theory, is genetics.  Genetics determines your hand preferences.

“Handeness runs in families, although even when both parents are left-handed, there is only a 26% chance of their child being left handed.  Thus, it is clear that genetics is not the only cause.  Handedness must also be influenced by some of the other theories presented here. ” – http://www.psychologistworld.com/influence_personality/handedness.php

Alright, so my # 2 theory is sort of correct.


What does it feel like to be left handed?

As a righty, I think it’s important to understand what the lefties go through.  So I asked a couple of my friends whom are lefties, and asked them (via text) what it feels like to be left handed.  let’s call them, leftie 1, leftie 2, and leftie 3.

First Response:

Munky: How does it feel to be a leftie?

Leftie 1: Pretty fukkin awesome

This leftie is pretty stoked about being unique. Cool. Awesome.

Second Response:

Munky: How does it feel to be a leftie?

Leftie 2: It’s normal.

This leftie does feel like they’re not any different. Equal.  Alright. That’s cool.

Third Response:

Munky: How does it feel to be a leftie?

Leftie 3: Someone steal your phone?

Leftie 3: Asking me homo qs

Leftie 3: Via Text

Munky: wtf

Leftie 3: You asked me how it feels to be a leftie

Munky: Yes, for my blog

Munky: Give me an answer b*tch

Leftie 3: That is stupid

Leftie 3: How does it feel to be a rightie

Leftie 3: I am not gonna answer jack shit

Needless to say, this conversation went no where. I have concluded this leftie 3 to be an anomaly in my sample size of 3, and thus will not affect the final conclusion.

And the final conclusion is…lefties are the same like everyone else. =p

Are you a lefty or a righty?

Below is a fun test you can do.  The spinning dancer apparently lets you know if you use your left brain or right brain more. 

Apparently, if you see the dancer spinning clockwise, you are right brain dominated (i.e. use your left hand).  If you see it spinning counter clockwise, you are left brain dominated.

Not sure if there is any merit to this test, but it’s fun to try and see it spin both ways (and it does!).  Took me awhile but I can finally see it spin both ways.

I am left handed now

Ok, not really. But I must admit I am much better at my left hand than I was 10 years ago.  I actually started writing with my left hand during University, while taking class notes.  At first, it was slow and fustrating.  I would also re write all my class notes using my non dominant hand.  Why? mmmm…I think I was mostly bored, so I just started writing with my left hand.

They say the brain is a muscle, and you need to exercise it if you want it to be strong.  There’s been studies on how left handed people are generally smarter.  I think it’s mostly because they have to utilise both hands in this right hand dominated society.  When forced to use both hands, you activiate both hemispheres of your brain.  This also creates “neuron links” which apparently makes you think faster / smarter.

I am not sure if I am any faster or smarter.

But I can at least write with my left hand.

And with that, I will write about a couple of things that I do to make my left hand stronger, so that maybe when you are bored you can try it out too.

Write one paragraph a day

Probably the most popular tip you will find on the internet.  And it really does work, plus its fun.  All you have to do is write a paragraph of a novel, or maybe the lyrics of a song.  For me, I did this a lot during university (i.e. note taking).  There was even once where I wrote my entire exam with my left hand! (not recommended).

Let’s see if you can guess which hand I was using, see below for two pictures:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Done guessing??





Picture 1 was written by my left hand.  Picture 2 was written by my right hand.  In a way, my left hand writes cleaner than my right hand now….Now it’s your turn!!

Use your left hand for your mouse

That’s me at work.  My mouse is now on the left side.  It all started when I saw a co worker do this during one of my coop terms.  Since I’ve already started writing with my left hand at work, why not switch my mouse over too?  At first it got really fustrating, but after a while your proficiency improves and it becomes natural again.

try it out!!!!


Time for the music video of the day.  The past few days have been crazy hot, so I had a lotta songs about summer on my iphone.  One song that I am listening to currently is a song by Simple Plan Featuring Sean Paul.  Mmmm..weird combo no?? lol.  My favourite lines?

“Baby girl, you really got to me
It’s 3 o’clock, and were together and the time doesn’t leave
In a heartbeat girl, sex on the beach,”

Anyways check it out, it’s called summer paradise.

Thanks for reading!!  Till next time!

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