What’s for lunch?


Hahaha I love this meme.  Please don’t get offended my vegetarian friends..just found this to be quite funny. All fun and games =p

I was writing a real estate related article, was 1/3 way and kinda side tracked because I was hungry.  So, naturally I switched topics.  Didn’t help when I saw a friend post a link about good tasty restaurants around Scarborough.  That real estate article is coming!!

Why do we need to eat?

Let’s ask the interweb shall we??

“Why do we eat so much? There are two big reasons: building blocks and fuel.

Your body uses the building blocks in two different ways. When you are growing, you are adding new building blocks to your body. Your body is also repairing itself – taking out old blocks and replacing them with new ones.”  http://express.howstuffworks.com/mb-eat.htm

Yeah, that makes sense.  But what happens if we don’t eat? For that question, I am going to ask my beloved Cat, B (His real name is Brady, but my dad can’t prononce his name so he just calls him B, or BB…i know).

So B, what happens if you don’t eat?







B: I pass out bitch.

LOL i love this picture. ok. Seriously.

Like I said in a previous post, I am not into fine dine.  But when there is a craving, you have to satisfy it!

So with that, I am going to list my personal top 5 meals / food that I find myself wanting the most.  I will also post links /names of restaurants in which I have found these foods to be served.  If i am missing restaurants, I apologize!

If any of your favourite food is not part of my top five, I am so sorry!! I’ll incorporate your favourites into my list, bumping out my own =)






Top 5 (Munky’s choice!)

Here we go! You will notice, that my top 5 is not anything special or spectacular. but it definitely hits the spot (for me personally anyways =p).

Note – I haven’t been able to eat much on my list lately because my stomache has not been well.  So I have been pretty depressed.  Hopefully my combination of congee and water for the next week or so lets me go at it again!


#5 – Hamburger

mmmm delish…to be honest I enjoy my burgers best at Harveys.  Many may argue there are much better places, but for some reason I really like how they make it there…it’s a wonderful thing..

I’ve seen some people go to Burger Priest, Holy Chucks (I’ve personally been there) and to be honest, their burgers don’t look appetizing.  Some of them looks like a heart attack to me.  Yes Harvey’s may not be much better, but at least their burger does not look like this (burger priest burger):

haha sorry…I am a hater..I am sure there’s many people that like their burgers though.

#4 – Jerk chicken

more delish..I haven’t been able to eat much of this lately, due to my unhealthy stomache (I go regularly yes thank you, there’s other issues which may be for another post, another day).

The jerk chicken was introduced to me by a good friend that resides in vancouver now.  I was surprised he even knew these type of food existed..anyhow I usually get my jerk chicken from a place called Fahmee Bakery and Jamaican Foods located at brimley, north of finch / south of mcnicoll in scarborough.

It’s very affordable, $3 for a jerk chicken with coco bread.

#3 – Beef Brisket / Tendon Noodle

Yummmsss..to my non asian friends this may not look appetizing but trust me it’s heaven.

The best place to get this in my opinion, is the taiwan restaurant located in First Markham Place plaza.  They advertise their food as authentic taiwan beef noodles.  I wouldn’t know if its authentic or not since I am not from Taiwan, but i definitley love their noodles there!

#2 – Burrito

Rice, meat, veggies, guacamole, all mashed into one! How much better can it get? Lol.  I usually get my burrito from Mucho Burrito, but i’ve also had this from the famous “Burrito Boys” in Downtown Toronto.

This bad boy fills you up fast, and will definitely make you fall asleep.  Therefore, don’t recommend eating this if you are at work!

#1 – Pho

and finally # 1 on my list…PHO! Vietnamese PHO! I love them noodles.  I love them beef.  I love it when the two are mixed together.

However, this is not simply just a mashup of noodles and beef.  What makes Vietnamese PHO unique is their soup base.  I usually get my PHO fix from the restaurant at Midland and Finch (Sorry..don’t remember their name..), and at times from PHO 88 at Alton Towers circle.


But really..nothing compares to…

..home cooked meals!!

I was lucky enough to enjoy this meal.  It was cooked by one of my good friends, we had fried rice and veggies (my contribution was store bought meat lol!).

So, as good as my top 5 is, nothing compares to home cooked meals.


Well, after a meal you are usually thirsty right? How about some coke?!

hahahah I’m sorry.  I actually feel bad for this teacher.  her english is actually pretty good, given it’s not her first language (hell I can’t even pronounce some english words).


Recently at work, my co workers and I started our own “Pepsi – Coke – PC Cola” challenge.  It was quite fun (maybe because it was during working hours).  For me, the differenec between PC Cola/Pepsi and Coke is obvious.  Coke gives you this burning sensation when you drink it, which the other two does not give you.  As a result, I was able to pin point which cup was coke, quite easily.

The difficulty was between PC Cola and Pepsi.  They were both lighter than coke, and did not give the same burning sensation.  But Pepsi has this…small distinct after taste which is too hard to describe.  At the end, I won by getting all three right.  Too bad it does not result in a promotion. =(

Favourite Restaurant

Now, on to my favourite restaurant in Toronto.  I actually don’t eat out that much, so my options are quite limited.  However, during the time when I was residing in Downtown Toronto, I went to this restaurant called “E11even” quite frequently.  Maybe it’s the atmosphere, the closeness to my place, or because its owned by MLSE but I enjoyed my visit there everytime.

The menu can be found here:


As you can see, the prices are comparable to other restaurants in downtown.  One recommendation is the double cut bacon, it was soooooo goood.. lol.

The restaurant is located near the ACC (Air Canada Center), so if you are around the area, you should check it out!


Song of day is “Above the Law” by Bad Meets Evil (Eminem and Royce Da 5’9).

I’ve always been a big Eminem fan, as I like his lyrical delivery in his songs.  Unfortunately, i can’t find any live videos for this song..but listening to it should be more than good!

Once again, thank you for reading =) Performance tommorow..dad’s bday..it’s going to be interesting…..we have not practiced the routine yet..lol.

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