Working at a fast food restaurant

Me with the restaurant crew


As part of my orientation at my new job, I was required to do a three day crash course at one of the McDonald stores. I was assigned to the Megabox location.

I was very excited for this learning opportunity.  I’ve always liked to learn what goes behind the scene for any kind of operations / businesses.

The above pictures were the lovely people I got to learn from during my time there.  Very nice people!



A shot of the kitchen.  I got to learn how various products gets made. This includes of course fries, burgers, and drinks.  I also got to brew a coffee at the McCafe.  Of course, I struggled to make a decent coffee since I am not a qualified barista.  Damn there’s a lot of stuff that goes into a drink.

The major theme in the kitchen of course if cleanliness.  I was very impressed with the sanitation with the restaurant.  Very un HK like lol.

Here’s another picture of the kitchen:


New Store

I also got to see one of the new stores that was around the area.  This store hasn’t opened yet.  It was interesting, as this was not your typical McDonald’s restaurant.  Because of licensing issues, they could not put any McDonald signs that would be facing the streets.  Instead, they can only put signs inside the hallway, as follows:


I’ve been told the strategy for this store is to capture more of the office workers around the area.  They would be close during the weekend since there would not be much people flow.  How interesting.  Hope they do well!


I realize after working three days at McDonald’s restaurant, that I kind of miss my part time jobs when I was young.  Although we hated it at the time, I feel like it was easier to get along with co workers back then.  We were also more motivated to chill after work, and hang out.

With a full time job, it seems like priorities has shifted (kids, husband / wife etcc).  The teamwork is just not as strong as when we were young it seems like.  I really miss my retail times at Best Buy and at the UTSC bookstore now that I think about it.

It was one of the more enjoyable times during my working life.


I have a new found respect for this business.  At face value it seems like a really simple operation (i.e. sell a burger).  But there are so much more behind it.  The logistics of the supply chain is very complex.  The training and managing of the people are equally important and challenging as well.

Next time someone makes fun of people working at McDonald’s, I will have a case for them.

Till next time, ciao!



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