New Delhi

New Delhi

New Delhi


Been inactive for the last week or so. Been really busy with work.  Work’s been ramping as we have a couple of audits starting early january.

Actually, my first audit will be in New Delhi, India.

My first time visiting India, so I am pretty excited about it!

Thought I do some research, as well as some stuff people should know about when travelling to India.


Usually with my Canadian passport I am able to go almost anywhere without any problem.  This is the first time I had to apply for a visa.

The application for an Indian Visa is quite intense. The following was required:

1) Photo of yourself

2) VISA Application form

3) Local Indian company endorsement

4) HK company endorsement

5) $1000HKD Fee

All this and you are still not guaranteed entry.

Luckily though for us everything went through smoothly. I now have the VISA taped to my passport.  Pretty cool!



Apparently, India is as, if not more dirty than Hong Kong.  Shots and Malaria pills are required by the company.  Taking my shots this friday (28th). I’ve been told to not drink any water there.  Only drink from bottled water. They said to use bottled water to brush your teeth.  Now that’s kind of scary.

Been also told to only eat at the hotel, so I guess I won’t be able to eat anything from the streets.


New Delhi is the capital of India. As such the infrastructure in New Delhi is quite solid.

Also, it gets quite cold in New Delhi! I was really surprised about that.  I always had the impression that India is hot.

Just checked the weather in New Delhi, it gets as low as 8 degrees! mmm…guess I have to bring my jacket.

Can’t wait to go!

My first trip, and I can’t wait.  Work’s been busy too so I haven’t been able to start packing.  But then I am not going till January 5.  Yes i am spending bday on  a plane with the co workers.  Although we are taking business class.  it will be my first time.

Going to be interesting.

Anyways, I will definitely blog when I get to India.  Will take lots of pictures and post it up here!

until then, ciao!

Whos gonna run this town tonight?

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