Let’s Talk Hockey


So I have been lagging behind in my posts. Dad’s here, work is here etc.  Really time consuming family dinners left and right.

The playoffs started for both the NBA and NHL.  Annually I pick teams based on my not so expertise on sports.

For the NBA it’s easy, anyone but Miami winning will make me happy.

For hockey, I know some of the series started already LoL but I know who I wanted to pick from the beginning ( you would just have to trust me on this one).

So let’s have some fun!


Pittsburgh V NYI

Of course I am going to select the penguins.  Super love crosby.  Super love Malkin. Plus Iginla deserves his cup.  Pens baby!

Ottawa V Montreal

Yeah….as a leafs fan i can care less about this series.  But i did grow up with the TOR – OTT rivalry..so by default I will cheer for the habs on this one.

NYR V Washington

Ovechkin gets a lot shit talked about him.  But i really like his style of play. super exciting.  And i rarely cheer for New York teams.  Therefore go caps go.

Toronto V Boston

Toronto. Nuff said.


Chicago V Minnesota

Love the blackhawks.  I think their jerseys are so sick. Hawks baby.

Anaheim V Detroit

Yeah..another series in which I don’t really care about.  Never liked Detroit though so…default goes to Anaheim

San Jose V Vancouver

SO GLAD WE DID NOT GET LUONGO.  LoL. I don’t know why..i never liked the canucks (as in the hockey team).  Something about how they play, how they conduct themselves that peeves me lol. Or may be its a Toronto – Vancouver tihng.

Anyways go sharks.

St Louis V LA

I really like St Louis..this is a tough one but gotta go with LA. They helped me beat the canucks last time haha.

Will see how  i do.

Side note – coming home soon!! can not wait!!!!

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