Back to the motherland


So my next trip..i am going to Beijing China.  Back to my motherland.

I am really excited. It’s my first time stepping foot into china.  I hope i come back in tact. haha. Anyways, leaving tomorrow at 2PM.  Meeting my co workers in Beijing (we are all flying separately).  Should be fun.

And as usual, there are things that I will do / must see, as well some random thoughts on this upcoming trip:

I am not chinese

Says the chinese government.  I have to apply for a VISA (I am not a full star resident of HK).  They only granted me a double entry VISA =(/  haha I will apply for a multi pass when I get back to Toronto (i have been told you can get a multi on your first try overseas).


As horrible as my mandarin is, it’s getting by.  However, mandarin Beijing is a whole different level. They literally add R’s to every single word.  I can not understand them. This shall be fun.  I hope I get an R accent when I come back.

Great wall of China


First place to see in China? Ya of course the great wall. I have been told the wall is 2 hours away from the hotel.  I need to arrange transportation.  Hopefully the hotel can do something for me.  I hope I don’t get lost, and get sold (knock on wood).  But i am looking forward to this.  It’s just a wall, but it’s historical! And i guess….it’s kinda shameful to say you’ve never been to the wall when you are in beijing….

Forbidden City


My hotel is literally 10 mins away from the forbidden city.  As some of you know it’s a palace.  A grand palace.  Historical obviously, but also very beautiful.  I will come here.

Tienanmen Square


Famous for the massacre i suppose?  Definitely visit this place. It also helps that it’s near the forbidden city, a must do for everyone.  Will visit.


Yeah..there’s an outbreak near Shanghai right now unfortunately. Got to be extra careful when I am in Beijing. Already bought me some masks.  Just got to be careful. But you know, sometimes you can’t plan for things (Good and bad).  I’ll try my best to stay alive though.


I hope I don’t eat fake food.  That is all.

I think tumblr gets blocked in China…..so i may not be able to blog much for the next three weeks..but i’ll definitely post all the pics once i get back!!!


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