Rant – Rain

Rain in Hong Kong

…is crazy. Wet season in Hong Kong is crazy. It’s been raining for 2 weeks in a row (intermittently).  And it’s not like it’s soft rain. It’s like shitting balls.

It’s shitting balls right now. I would take a picture the ball shitting effect is too great for me to take haha.

What a useless post.

But really, my first time experiencing this.  Back in Toronto, it would rain like 2 days max in a row?? Man.


the walls are sweating too.

Can you see it? sigh….

It’s humid, and it’s wet.  Great.


It’s so hot that I am literally naked typing this ( i have shorts on so I guess not too naked).

Seriously, look at this 7 day forecast:

mmm..i took a printscreen. It took a screen shot of my other monitor (my TV really).  O well.  Too lazy to edit. Basically,

Monday Rain

Tuesday Rain

Wed Thunderstorm

Thurs Rain

Friday Rain

Sat Rain

Sun Thunderstorm

The fuck.

I am sleeping naked tonight.


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