Las Vegas


One of my favourite places to visit on Earth. Maybe because I like to play poker. Or maybe because everything you think is weird in this world, is normal here.
It’s also party central. Was here for vacation with a couple of good friends a few years back. Drove from LA to Vegas. The car ride was fun, and an interesting experience.


You know it’s even more amazing when you see batman talking to spiderman. haha. Enough said. Moving on.




There were many shows available during our time at Vegas. Some were free, some weren’t. The following picture was a show we saw at the hotel with the pirate theme. I really don’t remember what it was called. It was nice, people jumping around, explosives going off left and right. But wasn’t that impressed. Maybe because I knew I was going to watch a cirque du soleil show (I am sure I just butchered the show title).

So saw the show called La Reve. It was a water themed show and I was very impressed by the performers. They were all very synchronized, and the movements required a lot of physical endurance. Awesome show. I am hoping I can attend another Cirque show in the near future.

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