New Delhi


New Delhi Airport

Ok, so I thought I’d be able to blog more this week. Work got in the way. Anyhow first week almost complete!! Experience so far pretty good..thought I share more pictures with everyone…here it goes!

Audit Room

imageUnfortunately, this is where I spend most of my time in India. What a cozy audit room. Never gets old. Audit Room + food, always goes together.

There’s like 4 more people coming in next week. Going to be cramped.

Speaking of cramped..the working space here is very limited. We are already very lucky to have this much space. I think the finance department has like 30 guys, and they’re all crammed into one room. Mmm.


This is our office! yes it looks like a is a house…our office is in a residential area..but apparently you can have commercial buildings here if you apply for the license.


Just another shot of the area


Us taking photos of everything around the area.



The food here is good! well we can’t try local food because apparently we will get sick..but because of that we get to eat at all the nice hotels. This one restaurant apparently is one of the top in the world. The restaurant is called Bukhara at the ITC Maurya (where we are staying)


Picture of our meal. Delicious!


We obviously had more than one meal, but I forgot to take more pictures. But we did find a McDees!

We are going to visit Old Delhi tomorrow, and also visit the local markets.

Going to be fun!!!!will update again soon!!

Original Posting Date – January 13 2013

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