New Delhi


Qutub Minar


Landed in Delhi late last night (2AM HK time). So am tired as I am writing this post. My initial thoughts? I love the city.
People are generally pretty nice. The traffic can get a bit scary. There are lanes, but not a lot of people abide by the rules. So it is quite chaotic at times.


The first place that I visited was Qutub Minar (see first picture). It’s a historical tower and thee second tallest Minar in India. It used to be ancient Islamic monument, and is currently a World heritage Site. A bit more background on this Minar:

  • It contains verses of the Qur’an
  • It has three stories (each made of red stone)
  • The fourth and fifth stores are made of marble and sandstone

It’s definitely worth a visit! Here’s some pictures:



The architecture is just beautiful.

That’s it for day one! is going to be pretty crazy next few i hope to be able to do some more sight seeing..See ya!

Date of visit – January 6 , 2013

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