How to speak TeoChew (ChaoZhou) – Lesson 1


Lu Hor! That means hello in TeoChew (or Chaozhou, I can’t seem to figure which one is the official name).
As you some of you know my lineage goes back to ChaoZhou.  ChaoZhou is a city in the province of Guangdong.  Something that has bugged me is that I never really learnt my official mother tongue.   Therefore, I have decided to learn some common phrases in the upcoming days, from my dad of all people.  I may not be able to do it everyday but I will try it as much as I can!.  I will put in the english meaning, and then how to pronounce it in TeoChew.  I will also put the chinese equivalent, just for my own references.  I apologize in advance if this doesn’t make any sense because the TeoChew translation I am just typing based on how it sounds.

Actually, as I think about theses post will really just be for my own benefit and reference, but if you’d like to learn then tag along!

It will go from English to TeoChew to Chinese:

Hello – Lu Hor – 你好

I am – Wa Si – 我是

Him – Yi –

My name is – Wa Gai Miah Si – 我的名字

Myself – Gak Gi –自己

One person – Jik Gai lung – 一個人

Goodbye – Eh Jua Jai Pak – 下次再講

Jik, Nor, Sa, Zi, O, Lut, Chet, Buoy, Gao, Jap

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, 10 – Don’t need Chinese for this one.

That’s it for now! Till next time!

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