Announcement – Introducing the Travel Series!!


As I am getting more familiar with wordpress, I realize that when I imported my blog from Tumblr to WordPress, my old posts did not get shared. As such, I am introducing my travel series where I would post some of my earlier trips.
The main objective is to share my personal experience while traveling, in addition to introducing the amazing countries and cities I have had the great luxury of visiting.

I found that each city within each country has their own personal, unique identity. The world is small yes, but you will be amazed how much we really don’t know about ourselves, and the world we live in.

I am going to introduce the following cities to the world of wordpress:

New Delhi, Mumbai,Sydney, Beijing, Lisbon, Singapore, Barcelona, Taipei, Bangkok,

Hope you enjoy it!





  1. munky which blog do you like the best? I am happy for you that you can travel like that. I wish I could get some fabric from some of those fab places. I will pay the cost I want to sew some skirts and dresses for my grandkids (teenage girls)

    1. Thanks for dropping by!

      In my limited experiences in traveling, I can say that India has one of the best fabrics around!
      If you have time, should definitely take your grandkids for a short trip. Memories lasts forever =)

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