Watsons Bay, Sydney

Landed in Sydney just this past Monday, and this city reminds me a lot of Toronto.  It also winter right now, which is really the equivalent of fall in Toronto.
Did some sight seeing around the hotel (staying at downtown core).

Here’s a recap of this week:

Darling Harbour

Our hotel is right beside the Darling Harbour, which has a lot of neat restaurants near it. There’s also fireworks every Saturday and Sunday, so definitely check it out if you are in the area. It’s pretty impressive.

Here’s Darling Harbor at night.




There are some really good grubs here. Side note – Mcdonald’s has “macarons” for sales, for those that love this product =p


Over the weekend, my colleague took us to a bakery, where they sold sausage rolls. It was sooooo good. I needed it after a night of no eating(Skipped dinner because of my stomach problems).

Anyhow, here’s a picture of it:


Watsons Bay



Visited Watsons bay today. I was told though, that is area is a popular choice place for suicides to occur. mmmm

That fact aside, it’s a nice area to take a stroll in. There’s a good breeze, but it is a bit chilly since it is winter at the end of the day. BUT, for someone from Canada this is perfect weather hehe.

While at Watsons Bay, we ate some famous fish and chips from the restaurant called Doyles. Heres a pic:


Will post more next week about Sydney.

[Original Posting Date June 15, 2013]


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