Highlight of my trip!! Whale watching in Boston! The above picture is obviously of me on a boat=p. Boy was this boat ever rocking. I still remember how the inside of the boat was like an infirmary. People left and right were getting sick and throwing up. I was also starting to get worried we would not see any whales, given that it was already 2 hours in and I saw was puke. But behold…WHALES!!!


Majestic Creatures. Love it.

There are many tours that provides site seeing opportunities of Whales.  They also promise that you will see whales, or else you can go on the tour again for free for a second time.  The tour that we went to was Boston Harbor Cruises. Their website is as follows:

It costs about USD47, but the experience of seeing  a whale is worth it.  Tip – don’t eat too full, the boat was really rocking and I am not joking.  You will throw up!

Some more pictures from this experience:


Friend being all emo here =p


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