Firstly, I apologize as I did not see the name of the restaurant so I am unable to identify it here in this post.  What you do need to know is this is one of my favorite places to eat beef noodles!  It’s located near the Taipei Central Station so it’s really easy to find.  I tried my hardest to find the address of this restaurant online, however the fact that I do not know the team adds to the difficulty of finding it on open rice.


However I did take a picture of the street sign:


I know it’s not a lot of help, but it’s the best I can do for now.  When I go back I will definitely try to find out the exact address (I only remember from the top of my head).

Anyways, to the reasons why I think I like the food here is that the beef noodle soup base is not oily! I find that with most places, there is a lot of oil in the soup so that it provides more flavor.  Not this place! The beef was fresh, and the noodles were very well cooked.  We also ordered dumplings, which was also very delicious.  Here’s some food porn picture:


hungry! can’t wait till I eat this again!

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