To my fellow snoozers!!

I am guilty. I love to snooze. Set my alarm at 7? Get up at 730. Set my alarm at 630? Get up at 730. Set my alarm at 730? Get up at 8.

This annoys me to the fullest extent!! Because of my snoozing I find myself rushing to work in the morning. And so i rush and rush, and I end up missing my bus anyways.


But fellow snoozers will agree, we have a hard time getting out of bed because frankly, our beds are the most comfortable place in this world. I mean, we spent 1/3 o our lives there so how can it not be on top?

Especially in the morning during a cold winter, its just physically and emotionally not possible to leave the warm comfort of our sanctuary.

But fellow snoozers, i hate rushing in the morning.

So I am sorry, but I will have to leave you guys.

No more snoozing for this guy here.

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