Ahh hong kong airport, one of the best on the world.  The CX lounge is also quite nice! Good food, free beer, and also showers.  Anyways nothing new to report.  Still in Shanghai, still have no access to facebook or wordpress (except through my phone).

went to the bund last night though.  Sinply forgeous.  I will post about that later.  Interesting thing that i have noticed so far.  Taxi drivers dont really know where they are going? The office is only 10 minites away from my jotel, yet every morning they give me this dumbfouded face as if it was located in canada.

And no its not because of my crappy mandarin since i show them the entire address!  I also noticed every morning that a different route is taken.  I didnt know one destination can offer 5 differ routes. Haha.  Only in china.

At least the cabbies here are nicer.  The ones in guangzhou yells at u n tells u to get off before your destination.  Anyways gonna head out to a bar now, c yaaa




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