Living In Hong Kong – What You Have To Deal With!!!!!

I’ve only lived in Hong Kong for 1.5 years (Time flies!), but there are some things that you have to deal with if you love in Hong Kong!

1 – I love You

Move over Paris.  Hong Kong is the city of love.  You have probably seen one of the following images:

  • Couples hugging on the MTR
  • Couples hugging on the escalators
  • Couples hugging in restaurants
  • Couples hugging in malls
  • Couples hugging while lining up for a restaurant
  • Couples making out in parks

The list goes on, and on.  Now I understand Hong Kong is a small place, but come on Hong Kong is such a humid place.  Aren’t you sticky?


Display of affection is cool, but do you really have to block my way when I am trying to get up the escalator?

2 – Stating the obvious

I have to admit, I am guilty of this.  I think it’s in the asian gene to say things that are obvious.  Case in point:

  • It’s lunch time, and you are waiting for an elevator.  “Going to lunch?!” No, I am going downstairs at lunchtime for fun.
  • Meals with family. “When are you getting married”.  When I meet a girl.
  • Meal with family. “Why don’t you have a girlfriend then”.  Because I am busy at work
  • Meal with family. “Why are you so busy at work?”.  Because I am not retired.
  • Salesperson trying to sell you something “I use this all the time! It’s the best product”. I hope it is, or else you are a pretty shitty sales person.

3 -“Last Day Deals”

So many times have I see a store claiming they are about to close down, thus they are having a major clearance sale.  EVERYTHING MUST GO! Says the old lady in the store.  They claim the landlord is raising their rents, therefore they are unable to continue on with the business.  They also claim everything is being sold at a loss.  They just don’t want to keep the inventory on hand.  They say they will be closed within a week.

One month later, the store is still there.  But wait, were they able to somehow miraculous turn their business around?


Two months later, the store is still there.

4 – Protests

Protest about the education. Protest about minimum wage.  Protest about landfill dump.  Protest about lack of housing.  Protest on the land the government has chosen to build housing on.  Protest the government.  Protest about other countries.  Protest about other Hong Kong People.  Protest about rich people.  Protest about poor people.




Every Sunday, there is a protest that goes on in Causeway Bay.  Sure, it’s great that Hong Kong allows for such freedom of speech.  But, do you really need to complain about every single item!?

Edit – this was poorly written, obviously. I am just saying if you live in hk, protests will be something that you are going to need to deal with. This is a tongue n cheek post, so dont take it too seriously! I love hk!

5 – Weather

Humidity.  Boy is it ever humid.  During the summer months, Hong Kong people may find themselves stuck to the shower.  This is because we will be taking 2 – 3 showers a day.  I recall after work I will be sticky, sweaty and hot.  Taking a shower was like the best feeling in the world.  I felt so clean, and dry.  Then i will step out of my bathroom and then I will be stick again.

This is why I take 3 – 4 showers a day.

What’s worst then being humid at old?  Being humid in a public transportation vehicle (say the MTR).  During the morning rush to work, Hong Kong people are skilled at packing the MTR like we are some form of tetris.  It’s like every body in the MTR fits perfectly with each other.  Well, this is not fun.  I don’t like my face being stuck to someones arm due to the stickiness being excreted.




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4 replies

  1. well, they can protest because they protest to have their freedom of speech. communist gov tries to shout HKers mouth, please read little bit more about the situation for locals – you’re an expat, you can leave HK without too many emotions, for locals it’s their home. recently some schools forbid to teach in cantonese and allow only mandarin. is that freedom to you? check pages like or if you don’t read Cantonese and – hopefully you will understand what the ‘protest thing’ comes from. would you allow those things happen to your home? i like to read your blog but I cannot agree with your point of view on this one 😉

    • I agree. Freedom means the ability to speak your mind. But i dont agree with occupying central or causewaybay. It doesnt really do much exept for cause congestion to a already congested city.

      Regarldess, the post was meant to be tongue n cheek, not a political statement. Sorry if i offended anyones view.

      N thanks for dropping by!! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on ThirtyFirst January and commented:
    Korea in the same way too. *facepalm

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