The infamous bund.  It was surreal just walking down this road.  On one side you have the architectural buildings that are filled with history.  On the other side you have the famous Shanghai skyline.   This waterfront area of Shanghai is definitely a must go.  The scenery is breathtaking, (close second to the Hong Kong skyline, which in my opinion is the best in the world).

The bund is very historical, as some of it’s buildings were trading houses for many different countries.  Today it is a famous tourist area.  You will find a lot of restaurants and shops located in Nanjing road (Nanjing Road starts at the bund).  Or you can take pictures of the skyline on the pathway.

Simply gorgeous.  I took a cab here, but you can easily access this area via the metro.  I came here on a weekday, and it was already packed with tourists.  So i think the weekend will be a lot more packed.  I also think it’s best to come at night because of the night skyline, but that’s my personal opinion.

The picture you see above is actually an area called Pu Dong.  I have been told 10 – 15 years ago, there was nothing in Pu Dong.  Now you see all these towers and buildings there.  How China has grown, economically.  Crazy.

Like I mentioned before, on one side you have the view of PuDong, and on the other side you have the night view of the historical buildings of Shanghai:


Yes, this is a tourist area.  But if you are coming to Shanghai for the first time you have to come here, because when you tell your family and friends about your visit, one of the questions that will pop up is “Did you go see the bund?”.  And if you said no..then there will be some awkward stares =).


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