Blue Frog!! One of my favorite restaurants!  I went to the Blue Frog in Beijing last year, and fell in love with the food.  The burgers there are absolutely amazing.  So when we found out there was a Blue Frog in Shanghai, we had to go there.  The burger I ordered this time was a big delicious patty, with 2 big onion rings.  It was a huge burger, hence it got pretty messy whilst eating this.  But burgers were meant to be messy, right?


I believe there is a few Blue frogs in Shanghai, the one we went to was closest to our hotel.  The exact address is:

TianYaoQiao Road 131, YongXin Plaza b1 Floor, Shanghai

Aside from my main burger, we also ordered a lot of sides.  The girls had the burger platter and also a big salad.  We also shared a order of sweet potato fries.  Sadly, we only went to this restaurant once during our time in Shanghai.  I think Blue Frog is pretty popular in China though, thus every time I go to China I have to see if this restaurant is around.  Some more pictures of our food:


The restaurant atmosphere is like a typical western burger place.  Good music, good service with great burgers.  Definitely recommend this place if you are a burger fanatic.  (Tip, try to reserve ahead of time, we had to wait for about 30 minutes for a table.  And this was during the weekdays).

Oh, and one last great thing about Blue Frog?  Their happy hour! From 4 – 8, the deal would be buy one and get one free.  The second refill has to be the same alcoholic beverage that you initially ordered, but I don’t see any problems in that.  This deal also existed in Beijing, so I think it’s a Blue Frog Deal!!

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