It was brought to our attention that on Tuesdays, there is a bar / restaurant that serves really cheap wings.

 How cheap?  HKD 6 or 6 wings, which is basically 1 dollar / wing (yes I know, simple math). The only caveat?  You have to buy a beer, which is fine with me. There is a wide range of beers available (including Molson Canadian, which yes not the best beer available).


Apparently this place is also known for it’s burgers.  Therefore, our order was as follows:

– Beer

– CBC Burger (bacon and cheese)

– three orders of chicken wings (total 18 wings)

– Chili Cheese Fries


Yes.  It was a full on meal.  My review on the atmosphere?


It’s small and lively, but also means you have to come early, especially on Tuesdays (because of it’s special).

 My review of the food? Have to be honest here, it’s average.  I’ve had better wings in Toronto, and better burgers in Hong Kong.  But would I still come here? Yes, if I have a bunch of friends and we are looking for cheap food and beer.


Wasn’t able to locate their website, but did find them on open rice.  You can check out their reviews from users.  Their address is 4B, G/F Kar Fu Building, 196 – 202 Java Road North Point.

Despite my average review of the food, you can’t go wrong with the combination of wings, beer, and great friends!

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