I love Burgers I can not lie.

But you knew that already.

 So when I stumbled upon a site that listed out the top ten must eat burgers in Hong Kong.  Well, challenge accepted!

 The diner is located in Lan Kwai Fong, behind Hard Rock Cafe.  The exact address is 4 Arbuthnot Road.


Reservations are not welcomed here, as stated on the diner’s website.   You fancy huh?

Well, whatever the case the burger that we ordered was soooooo good.  It is called “The Skirt”, and you can probably see why it is called this based on the picture above.  The Skirt” that you see in my burger, is actually cheese!  I would first peel the cheese and eat that part first until my Burger, well looks like a normal burger.  And then I will devour the burger.  We also ordered the bacon cheese fries, which was oh so delicious as well.

I think The Diner is now my favorite burger joint.  Yum.

The restaurant looks like your typical American eat out diner, which was really cool.  It reminded me of Dennys, but much cleaner and vibrant.  The music they played was also really good.  I remember they were playing Korn.

and Our Lady Peace.

and Offspring.

and Blink 182.


We had a really good time just eating / drinking / chilling here (we stayed till about 1130PM).


They also have a wide variety of drinks.  Aside from the usual suspects (Beer / Wine),  they also have floats.  What is a float?  Check this out:


I had this drink when I was in Seoul earlier in the year, and I must say the one in Seoul was so much better.  But, I always find this drink really cool.  Upside down beer pouring into a margarita lol.

Another good thing about the Diner? Its located near Lan Kwai Fong!  Eat your burger, have a couple of drinks, and then go party in the numerous bars / clubs that is located there (after you rest for a bit of course).  This reminds me, I have never blogged about LKF lol, I shall do that soon.  On my bucket list.

I will be posting a lot more burger entries so keep an eye out for that!


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