Sick in Seoul =(

So as you may have probably noticed, I have not been uploading any posts the last few days.  Which is a record, even when I was in China I would upload every 2 – 3 days….well the reason is. I’ve gotten really ill in Seoul.

Of all places.

*hitting my face


I don’t really know what’s wrong, but I have been getting chest burns and have been feeling very nauseous.  I haven’t eaten any solids, and have been surviving only on liquids.  Finally, I decided to go see a doctor today.

Side note – My company engages a company called iSOS which I must say, I am very impressed with.  They were able to locate the nearest hospital with english speaking capabilities (although the doctor spoke minimal english).  iSOS were really helpful, and even took my calls late at night.  They were able to connect me to a doctor to give me medical advice.  Very impressed.

Anyways, i am on meds now which sucks cause that means I am not wandering around Seoul.  Oh well..hopefully i will get better before the weekends end.

I think I will be able to continue my posting ways tomorrow though.

See ya!

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