I thought I was going to a bridal party when my colleague asked if I wanted go to the Bride’s Pool.  But I’m a guy?  And then the truth came out.  Bride’s Pool is a waterfall / pool located in new Territories.  haha.  Need to be more clear next time!

Well, getting here is quite easy, just get off the MTR stop Tai Po Market, and then take bus 275R (on weekends only), or take the mini bus 20C.  Either way, expect a 45 minute ride!

 I came here on a Sunday, so naturally the Bride’s pool will be packed!  The pool itself wasn’t really big either, so don’t expect to be able to deep dive into it.  That being said, it was a relaxing as I just sat in the cool water after a 30 minute hike to the pool.

Also remember to bring this very crucial item:

snacks, and oh yea water.  Two items.


Legend has it then a bride was traveling to the groom’s house, but slipped, fell and drowned in a pool of water.  Hence why this waterfall is called the Bride’s Pool.  That’s actually pretty creepy, since we were all in the pool…

Why you call it that……

Changing topics.

For those that don’t know how to swim, no worries! The pool is really shallow, as I was able to walk all the way to the waterfall on foot.  It’s my first time under a waterfall so it was a good experience.

 I manage to go right underneath the waterfall, and man did it hurt.  Still, I managed to be able to pose like this under the waterfall haha:


Fun Sunday afternoon!

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