The restaurant is not called “Yellow Fin Fish Restaurant”.  I only named it this because I have no idea what the name of the restaurant is. It is located at the end of Haeundae Beach which is near where I was staying.


We didn’t do any research nor initially planned to come here.  Fate just led us to something awesome =)

No really.  This dish was super amazing.

What is it?  It’s fish soup.  I am not the biggest fish fan (aside from sashimi) but the soup here was very flavorful.  Like Naturally Flavorful.  You know how sometimes you get really thirsty after eating out, especially in chinese?  Well that didn’t happen.  So I am going to conclude it’s because MSG / other preservatives was not used.

 I could be wrong.

But I ain’t no scientist.


Typical Korean restaurant where there are seats, but for some reason they make you sit on the floor instead.  More authentic experience I guess.

I only have two words for that though.

Pins.  Needles.

In my leg.  I had to stretch every 10 minutes, and I ain’t even that big of a guy.  Sorry for those tall guys out there.

The menu?  All Korean.

They did provide us with a english menu, with a whopping four dishes.  I was initially annoyed because I wanted to know what the dishes were on the wall….but meh the food was still good regardless so I let go of it.

I do think this restaurant is a big deal, because we saw a wall of signatures.  I assume these are celebrities / famous people.  And if it’s good for them it’s good for me.


One more half eaten picture for memory’s sake =p


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  1. That soup looks amazing! Don’t suppose you snagged a recipe from the restaurant?

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