Okay, so I have blogged about Vatos before.  Why do I want to blog about it again?  Simple.

Because it’s amaazzzzing.

and also because I feel like my first post did not do this place justice.


Some background information, my team this time was from europe therefore they haven’t explored much of Seoul yet.  Worried they may not like local korean food, I decided to take them to a sure win restaurant which was Vatos in Itaewon.

What did you have to order when you are here? Of course a coronarita (corona +margarita)


Yes my favorite drink here.

We then proceeded to order a lot of food.

Like the usual guacamole with chips:


Or my current favorite, the kim chi fries.  Kid you not, please order this as this is one of the best fries dishes I have had.  It’s a mixture of kimchi, salsa, pork and fries.  Delicious.


I personally had a burrito because I am in love with burritos.  Nothing new or special there.

The girls order guacamole, the other guy ordered tacos (which when i returned to this place).  Must say those were also delicious.

Great time all around vatos! I will be back!



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