Why are we going to a beach in December you are asking?  Because Haeundae beach is a must visit place!  And…also because my hotel is right beside it =p

But seriously, even though I went during winter it was still very nice to stroll down this beach in the afternoon.  It was empty (duh), which was okay with me.  Gave me some peace and quiet.  I did google this beach to see how it looks during the summer.


More umbrellas than sand is what I saw.

Regardless,  I think I will come back in the summer just to visit this beach and get my tan on.

Without the beach body.

I don’t really need to post the address of this beach because it’s famous enough by name that the cabbies will know where to take you.  This beach is mainly for tourists, while the locals go to another beach (more on that in another post).  Still, it was nice a day with the sun out so I really enjoyed my walk here.

The wind was blowing pretty hard against my face.  And since I have been in Korea for 2 weeks now I have gotten fat.  I mean come on, every meal is carbs! Ramen, rice, rice with bulgogi, rice with kim chi, rice with everything.  The increase in facial mass means the wind is blowing on a lot more surface area which equals to me being cold much faster.


Summer needs to come faster.


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6 replies

  1. Beach in winter is always a challenge. You want to go and you don’t want to. But you’re certain you won’t get wet if you decided to visit. On those rare pleasant days it’s fun taking a stroll with a cup of hot coffee — gladly the drink is low on carbs. Nice post 🙂

  2. And I see your last Instagram post was food! Yumm, looks so good. Get chubby – all good:)

  3. Great pictures and fun words. Nice big face, too! Keep on eating – would love food pic:)

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