I realize I love walking through parks.

I realize I love scenery.

I realize I love taking awesome photos of scenery and posting it online.

Hence why, I loved my walk to through Taejondae Park!


Getting here was easy because I took a cab.  I have no idea if you can take the metro or bus here, but I would recommend just taking a cab.  It just saves you hassle and time.  Plus it was only 20USD, not bad.

Taejondae is a natural park in Busan, where you have two options on how you want to explore this site:

1) Take a tram for a nominal fee

2) Walk up the park

we chose second option because we needed the exercise, and because we thought it would be a better experience than taking the tram.  In hindsight, I believe we made the right choice.  For the tram option, you have to wait for it, know where you want to stop, then you have hop on again.

Versus walking, where you will not miss any viewing points.  Yes, you will be climbing up the road:


But I think it’s part of the experience of walking through the park.

Like I said, there are a couple of viewing points.   The first viewing point is here:


As you can see it was an awesome day, with the sun out =)

Walk up further and you will see the light house.  We had the choice of walking down to the lighthouse, but we decided against it because…we were getting tired =p  But if you are into lighthouses you should give it a go:


I need to find more parks in Hong Kong!!!


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