Dam, my hair is out of control.  Sorry folks for the ugly picture.  I should’ve posted a picture of a cute dog or something instead, but maybe this will grab your attention more =p The buddies and I went downtown on a Thursday, to a place called Rosewater.  They have awesome drink deals, I think it was 4 bucks for a beer, 3 bucks for a cocktail (i.e. gin tonic).  Click on the link if you want to get the address of the place.  Happy hour starts at 5PM, and I recommend getting there at 5.



1) To maximize on the drinks

2) It gets packed.  You may not get in.

Very simple stuff.


Drank a couple of beers, and then loaded up on the gin and tonic.  Did not know what happen the second half of the party.  I did remember going to a fast food joint to grab a bite, because we didn’t have dinner.  We just drank.  Cause, that’s the point of happy hour.

The place was nice, and was quite big so you were’t too crammed.  Plus, the service / bar was pretty fast considering it was happy hour and everyone was trying to order at the same time.  Got my food, drinks relatively quick.  Pretty impressed.

Place has been Munky Approved hahah.

But now here’s a question.  Does Toronto have a happy hour culture?  I feel like it does not…people seem to just want to go home after work!  Whereas in Hong Kong, it seems like it’s happy hour everyday…haha.

Not too shabby I must say.  Also gave me a chance to see some people I have not seen in awhile.   Thank you all for coming!!


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