Tepian Laut is located in the Andaman Hotel, which works out really well for us because we are staying there! I love this restaurant, partially because it’s right by the beach.  So for you romantics out there give the restaurant a try.  The food is also not too shabby!
Click on the link for more information. The only complaint that I have is that ants were crawling everywhere…*puke.  But I guess it can not be help.  The restaurant is literally in the middle of the rain forest, and you can’t move nature.  Regardless, we had the rendang beef, roti (of course), fish (not my favorite), and desert.  Oh and eggplant.




Yeah I think the fish can bit a better….it was too fishy for my taste.  Or maybe I just don’t like seafood in general.  The eggplant and the beef rendang was awesome.  Mixed together with the steamed rice and you get an awesome meal.

The desert was really good too, something with coconut.  Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of it as I was too busy downing it….Oh well.


Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 7 2015

One comment

  1. I thought your fish was ribs…That was a scary thought…lol. It actually hurt my feelings a bit HAHAHA! I had to read your page several times and then was like oh okay he did have beef ok whew, LMBO. I was seriously like and I slippin that much! #foodieincrisis

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