Needed some greenery in my life as I am constantly surrounded by sky scrapers.  So, why not head over to the Kowloon Park? It’s relatively close to where I live, and very easy to get to.

How easy?

Super easy.


Get off at TST, and find exit A1.  The park is literally right around the corner.  If you get lost just ask someone =p

I went on a Saturday, and surprisingly there weren’t many people in the park, which was perfect because I wanted some quiet and peace.  No not being emo, I was just wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t want noise.


This was a perfect place to read a book, and read I did.  Reading the second book of the “Millennium” series, which is basically the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

Going to side track a bit, I know there was a movie about the first book, how come the next two books weren’t made into a movie?  mmm..will google this later.


There’s also a public pool in the park, so if you want to get your swimming gear on then you can pay this place visit.  Not for me, no more public pools for me.  Read an article about the nasty stuff that’s in a public pool.  You know chlorine doesn’t kill everything right?  And did you know the reason why your eyes are burning, is not because of chlorine.  It’s because of another substance that is being excreted by some people in the pool….yes…lol.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 12 2015


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