We went to Langkawi Malaysia last year around October? September? Forgot hahaha.  This post is about the Andaman Hotel.

Andaman Hotel is a luxury collection in Langkawi, Malaysia.  I am no baller.  I just had enough points to get some free nights =)  So glad we decided to stay here because the hotel is uh ma zing.  We got really lucky in that our room also got upgraded to the executive suite.  Double bonus!



This meant that we had our swimming pool.  First time ever I had that! You can tell I am / was super excited for this room.  Still was.  I swear, I could’ve just stayed in the room the whole day.  A part from the swimming pool, the Andaman has it’s own private beach.  It’s nothing to brag about in my opinion, but the waves were warm and the sand was white and soft.  That’s all you really need.



They also have this really cool happy hour deal where the HH discount, will depend on the temperature.  So on the day we went, the temperature was 29 which meant we got 29 percent off.  Pretty awesome deal!

If I ever come back to langkawi (i probably will) I will definitely hit up the Andaman!!

5Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 7 2015


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