Cockatoo Island.  What a weird name.  But then this is Australia so I should have expected it hah. Getting to the island is really easy, just take the ferry from Circular Quay.  Next time I come back I will probably take the ferry and hop on to all the islands.  Yes there’s actually a lot of islands around Sydney.


The reason why I chose Cockatoo Island ( is because it’s designed as a UNESCO site.  Also the name was unique.  And also because it used to be a convict penal establishment.  aka prison, so why not visit it.


Got there, and yes it was a small island.  However, I also saw a lot of people making camp there, apparently you can actually stay at this island overnight, I guess to star gaze?   That’s a good idea, I should try it one day.  Walked around the island and took some interesting photos, I am trying to get into taking pictures of random objects.  I don’t know, maybe a new hobby of mine?

I’ll probably upload it more onto Instagram than here, but whatever.  Admission is free, so I don’t see why you should not visit it if you have already done all the other touristy things in Sydney.


Although the island is no longer used as a convict establishment (obviously), it is a host to a lot of events throughout the year.  Guess it be pretty cool to host an event that’s off the mainland!

Written from Sydney, Four Points Sheraton on March 13, 2016


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