Not sure why I came here.  Oh wait, it was because I was really bored one Saturday afternoon.  I went through the internet in hopes of finding somewhere to go / see.  Somewhere unique, somewhere special.  Somewhere I haven’t been.

So when I came across a fellow bloggers experience at a mall called Common Ground, I was like yes let’s check it out.


Not sure why.

Because seriously, what was so special about this place?  Yes, the entire mall is made up of shipping containers….so … interesting…..

I guess it is something you don’t see a lot. but f*ck that.  It’s just shipping containers.

But, I still went anyways.

Got in the cab, and with my limited Korean I was able to communicate where I wanted to go.  But communication I mean showing the address on my phone.

Thankfully he understood otherwise it would have been a big fail of a Saturday afternoon.

After a 15 minute drive (it was quite far) I finally arrived at my destination!! So Happy! So Excited!

Not sure why I came =p

Took a lot of pictures of the shipping containers, and admired the structure of the building.  Of course I admired it from the inside because it was so damn cold in Seoul.  Spent about 15 minutes here (haha) and then I got hungry.  There’s a bunch of restaurants on the top floor (three in total) but nothing really caught my eye.  So I went elsewhere instead for lunch.

3This mall is supposedly very popular with young Koreans.  Butttt I probably won’t be back.  This place has a lot of local brands so if you are into that then this might be the place for you.

That’s the link!

Written from Seoul, Westin on January 24 2016


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